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ABOUT Sophia

My name is Sophia Harcourt. I am an editorial and lifestyle travel and portrait photographer based in Southwest Cornwall. I document moments in life that usually include location, people and pets, and food.I was born in Harlow, England but l have spent more of my life in France, then mostly in the US. If I could be anywhere right now, it would be in a converted van heading to everywhere paddleboarding where there is water and photographing my adventures along the way.

My relationship with photography began with a cardboard box filled with family photos. I started taking photos when the f word (film) was still the only option, mainly capturing friends, family etc. 

The moment that prompted me to really learn photography is indelibly etched in my mind. I lived in San Antonio, TX. I was a passenger in a car. Across the street from the traffic light we were waiting to turn was a large ornate wrought iron gate, the entrance to a cemetery. One side of the gate was opened half way and the setting sun was streaming through the bars. I wished in that moment I had a camera with me to capture it. After that moment, a brilliant friend suggested I go to school for photography after finishing serving in the Air Force. So, I did!

Photography allows me to collect moments and people I see beauty in. It's become more important to me to create "stills" in a world of constantly increasing motion. 

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